Datacenter Services

AYRAR VPS - Virtual Private Server

The AYRAR VPS service enables the use of virtual infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS), which will satisfy all your needs in terms of production, test or development environment.

The service allows you to:

  • Monthly payment for available resources
  • Have enterprise grade of security
  • Flexible models of increasing and decreasing resources

The server infrastructure in your company is a capital investment and requires appropriate conditions for work and storage, and at the same time there is a need for engagement of IT people. By choosing the AYRAR VPS service, you will get rid of the routine work related to the maintenance of the equipment, and you will be focused on your primary activity.

Within the AYRAR VPS service you can set up:

  • Websites and Web Stores
  • Applications and databases
  • Storage as a Service

The payment for the service is from the moment of activation of the service, until the moment of deactivation of the service.


AYRAR VPS basic packages S M
Processor (CPU) 1 Processor 2 Processor
Memory (RAM) 1 GB 4 GB
Space on disk (HDD) 50 GB 100 GB
Network speed 10 Mbps 20 Mbps
IP addresses 1 2
Monthly £50 £120

AYRAR VPS packages are available with a 24 month contract.

Additional packages at the request of the customer

You can supplement the basic VPS packages with fixed and flexible additional resources according to the needs of your company.

Fixed additional resources Unit Monthly subscription
Processor (CPU) 1 processor £20
Memory (RAM) 1 GB £25
Space on disk (HDD) 10 GB £10
Network speed 10 Mbps £15
Additional IP addresses 1 IP address £5
Windows server 1 virtual server £90

All prices are without VAT.